"We don't sell products, we provide solutions"

About Us

Established in 1994 in dewas, Madhya Pradesh, India, Our Company is A Leading manufacturer of material handling equipment serving agriculture, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Packaging, Construction, and related industries. With a Focus on innovation and quality, we provide customized solution to enhance operationsl efficiency and Productivity committed to customer satisfaction, we offer exceptional services and support, ensuring timely deleveries and comprehensive after-sales assistance


To lead the food, packaging, agricultural and construction industries by revolutionizing productivity through innovative tractor-mounted material handling equipments. We envision a future where our advanced loader, backhoe, pile machines, and portable conveyor machines empower industries, farmers and builders to achieve unparalleled efficiency, sustainability, and growth."


At Neo Hydraulics, our mission is to design, manufacture, and deliver high-quality tractor-mounted material handling equipment that transforms the way tasks are accomplished in agriculture and construction. We are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that optimize resource utilization, reduce labor demands, and enhance overall operational outcomes. Our focus on precision engineering, reliability, and customer-centricity drives us to continually push the boundaries of technology, ensuring our customers have the tools they need to shape a more productive and prosperous tomorrow