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Tractor Mounted Hydra Crane

NEO tractor-mounted hydra crane machine is a versatile heavy-duty equipment that combines the power of a tractor and a hydraulic crane. It is designed to be attached to a tractor and can be used for lifting and moving heavy objects, materials, or machinery in various industries such as construction, agriculture, and logistics. The hydraulic system enables precise and controlled lifting, making it an efficient solution for tasks that require both mobility and lifting capabilities.

Pole Pusher Machine

NEO Tractor Mounted Pole Pusher Machine is a specialized equipment designed for efficiently installing poles on guard railings along highways. This powerful machine is mounted onto a tractor, allowing it to be easily maneuvered to the desired location. With its hydraulic systems and sturdy construction, the pole pusher exerts controlled force to penetrate the pole into the ground, ensuring a secure installation. This technology not only speeds up the process of pole installation but also enhances safety on highways by providing a reliable support structure for guard railings.

Tractor Pole Lifter + Auger

NEO Tractor Mounted Pole Lifter and Auger machine is a versatile tool designed for the efficient installation and removal of poles. This specialized equipment, attached to a tractor, streamlines the process by combining lifting and auguring capabilities. The pole lifter utilizes hydraulic power to lift poles into position, minimizing manual labor and expediting the installation process. Meanwhile, the auger attachment aids in digging holes, ensuring precise pole placement. This machinery proves invaluable for tasks such as erecting street lights, signs, and other utility poles, making the process safer, faster, and more manageable

Tree Trimmer

NEO Tractor Mounted Tree Trimmer Machine is a powerful and efficient tool designed to tackle tree maintenance tasks with ease. Attached to a tractor, this specialized equipment streamlines the process of trimming and pruning trees. Equipped with a range of cutting attachments and adjustable arms, the tree trimmer can reach and shape trees of various sizes and heights. This mechanized approach enhances both safety and efficiency, reducing the need for manual labor and risky climbing. From roadside vegetation management to orchard maintenance, the Tractor Mounted Tree Trimmer Machine proves to be an indispensable asset, promoting well-maintained landscapes and improved tree health.