Portable Conveyors

NEO Portable conveyors are efficient and flexible solutions designed for the seamless loading, unloading, and shifting of materials onto trucks or between various locations. These conveyors are characterized by their mobility, allowing them to be easily moved and set up as needed. By streamlining material handling processes, they significantly reduce both time and labor costs.
Moreover, portable conveyors can be swiftly repositioned to accommodate changing operational needs. They can efficiently transfer various types of materials, such as boxes, bags, loose goods, and bulk materials, providing a versatile solution for a range of industries including logistics, construction, agriculture, and manufacturing. Ultimately, these conveyors play a pivotal role in optimizing workflows, reducing operational expenses, and ensuring a safer and more efficient material handling process.

Stacker conveyors ( Truck Loading )

A stacker conveyor is a specialized system for efficient bag stacking and truck loading. We have developed different models as per conveyor length and stacking height requirement.

Table Conveyors

These types of conveyors can be used for shifting of bags/boxes to a long distance horizontally or at an inclination .

Telescopic Container Conveyors

A portable telescopic conveyor is a flexible solution for efficient material handling. Its extendable design adapts to varying distances, making it useful in confined spaces or for loading/unloading trucks.

Grain Conveyors

NEO grain shifting conveyor is a powerful tool designed to efficiently move loose materials, like grains, at a rate of a minimum of 20 tons per hour. This conveyor system is tailored to handle bulk quantities with precision and speed, making it an essential asset in industries such as agriculture, food processing, and manufacturing.