Tractor Mounted Loader

Neo tractor-mounted loaders is a versatile agricultural or industrial attachment designed to be affixed to the front of a tractor. This robust attachment enhances the tractor’s functionality by providing it with the ability to lift, carry, and manipulate heavy materials such as soil, gravel, sand, agricultural produce, construction debris, and more. It consists of a hydraulic-powered lifting arm with a scoop or bucket at the end, which can be raised, lowered, and tilted using hydraulic controls from the tractor’s cabin. Tractor-mounted loaders are commonly used in various applications, including loading and unloading materials, digging, grading, landscaping, construction, and general material handling tasks. Their adaptability and ease of use make them a valuable tool for increasing efficiency and productivity in a wide range of industries.

Agri Series

Models in this series are developed for light agricultural and construction applications like loading of Trolley, handling of Sand, Ballast, Manure, Cereals, fodder, feed, fertilizers, etc.

Heavy Duty Series

Models in this series are developed for industrial level heavy material handling applications like loading of Iva dumpers, handling of Coal, cotton, biomass, husk, garbage, etc